Field Upgrading is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, dedicated to the development and commercialization of a new sulphur removal and upgrading technology called DSU®.

DSU® uses molten sodium to significantly reduce the levels of sulphur, metals, acid (TAN) and asphaltenes in heavy oil feedstocks, including oil sands bitumen. DSU® also significantly increases the API gravity of the feedstocks while achieving a relatively higher yield compared to conventional upgrading technologies (i.e. no large piles of coke or asphaltenes are left behind).

In the case of oil sands bitumen, the API gravity is increased from 8 API to 18 API, reducing the need for diluent for pipeline transportation. Preliminary cost estimates indicate that the technology compares favourably against delayed coking with lower capital costs and higher operating margins and is also conducive to relatively small-scale applications.

Field Upgrading has built a 10 barrel per day pilot facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to further prove and showcase their DSU® technology. The pilot has been operational since the end of 2015. Our pilot plant has confirmed our earlier lab results.

We are building a demonstration facility using our ground breaking DSU® technology to produce finished low sulphur marine fuel using local heavy oil feedstocks. Please see