Innovation Anthology – Field Upgrading Targets Marine Diesel Market With New Desulphuring Tech

November 29, 2016

If Neil Camarta has his way, his new method for taking sulphur out of heavy oil will also be cleaning the oceans.

Neil is president and founder of Field Upgrading. This Alberta startup has developed clean technology to use sodium instead of hydrogen to take sulphur out of bitumen.

And his target market is not cars, but ships, the world’s largest single consumers of high sulphur heavy oil.

NEIL CAMARTA: All the ships that sail upon the sea, they burn about 4 million barrels per day, 3.5% sulphur. The world’s 15 largest ships make more pollution in forms of sulphur dioxide than all the cars in the world put together. So what’s happened, on October 27th of this year the International Maritime Organization has declared that every ship in the world must be running NOT on 3.5 % sulphur but 0.5% sulphur by the year 2020. So that’s our market. We would take the sulphur out of heavy oil and then we would take it to tidewater and we would sell it into the shipping industry, because our oil fits the new sulphur regulations perfectly.

Neil Camarta says Field Upgrading has already met with shipping companies in Singapore.

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