Ship and Bunker – Canadian Companies Look for Opportunities Amid Tightening Bunker Regs

November 23, 2016

Calgary-based Field Upgrading, which plans to turn bitumen into ultra-low sulfur bunkers, is just one of the many Canadian companies looking for opportunities from tightening environmental regulations in the shipping industry, such as emission control areas (ECAs) and the 0.50 percent global cap on sulfur coming in 2020, local media outlet Alberta Oil reports.

Neil Camarta, Field Upgrading’s CEO, says the process will take “the dirty out of dirty oil,” lowering sulfur content from 5 percent to 0.1 percent – a plan that he suggests complements the regulatory curve.

DNOW Process Solutions Canada (DNOW) says it monitors tightening emissions regulations and is preparing to provide new emissions control systems across Canada, including the marine market.

“We’re providing a wide range of emissions control solutions, adding value not just for engines but also for all other products we distribute including pumps, actuation, process equipment where emissions can be identified and reduced or eliminated from entering the atmosphere,” said Mike Doepel, Director of DNOW.

Doepel notes that the firm will continue to work to innovate further in order to reduce emissions and maintenance costs, enable industries to keep up and prepare for new regulations.

Yesterday, Ship & Bunker reported that John Kornerup Bang, Chief Advisor on Climate Change at Maersk Group (Maersk), says the shipping industry “must step up its efforts to pollute less.”

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